An Inevitable Implosion...?

It was inevitable I suppose.

The news out of the Middle East is wild, and I have to say, a little exciting.  From the youth twittering like mad, to Libyan pilots defecting with the multi-billion dollar fighter jets, to even Qadafi, with his "high-fashion" (tacky) ensemble declaring his dedication to martyrdom if need be, it's compelling to keep up w/it all  -- even though I, you, we, they,... will never fully grasp it.   Am trying not to be too swayed by the media images, as I personally know how they can be misconstrued.

With such the huge and disproportionate youth population in the Middle East who has now grown-up, matured and tried to become educated, along with the underlying electricity of the movement, being fed-up w/socioeconomic challenges, and a load of issues that non-residents will ever understand, the time has come.  It was inevitable.  Can only imagine how this might trigger a (another?) spark in Iraq.  Whatever does happen there, yep, it is inevitable.

It's difficult impossible for anyone to describe it all accurately, even for those living there and personally experiencing these protests, and what many would consider a revolution(s).  It's a wave -- based of fundamental desires of the people, likely with the dynamics of a mass movement.

And it's inevitable that the US will also evolve/change/degrade/pick-the-verb at some point.  Personally, I don't see it happening in the near future.  While we have some of the brightest and most motivated citizens, en masse, we are mainly a big lot of relatively content citizens (and perhaps sorta too lazy/complacent/spoiled) for any such uprising for change these days.  Yes, things are rough in the US for many.  And some elements of our government, such as health care, the frustrating tax system maze and education system, are embarrassingly inept.  However, overall, it seems the general population is content with the luxury and freedom to eat crap from fast food restaurants and sit around watching overpaid athletes play professional sports.  I won't even get into our youth's general lack of duty-to-country urges. 

I still think that everyone, yep EVERYONE, should have to serve our country (maybe state)  for at least one year.  It doesn't have to be for the military.  It COULD for be the postal service, the forest service, etc..   Defend your country, clean up litter in your country, etc...DO SOMETHING to...
   (a) contribute to your country and your fellow citizens;
   (b) appreciate the complexities, the luxuries and the career employees; and
   (c) learn the processes. 
From there, one can later be more versed on their gripes and complaints.  But most importantly, it would provide a stronger bonding and a sharper degree of nationalism to Americans.  We'll never all agree on everything.  Why would we want to? 

So, while it's compelling to watch the waves of movement, our limited peeks into the protests rising from under the veils of these long-time regimes, and unfortunately some of the violence that's involved, I can't help but to overlay some of it on our country.  What would we do differently?  How bad would it have to be for Americans to ever uprise like this?  What will happen next?  Whatever it is, we can't forecast it nor think we understand it. 

Whatever it is, it is.  It is inevitable.  Insha Allah!

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