OL' LEFTY. . .
Ok, so yes, I finally found a doc who not only comes w/outstanding credentials/experience, he also seems to "get" that I really really really want to play for 70+ more years (ok, I'll take 60 too!).  He's going inside ol' lefty in about 2x weeks.  Perhaps I'm being a bit naive about this all, because I thought I'd actually be able to drive myself home for the 2-hour drive up the Mogollon Rim the same day as the operation.  (I mean, my truck is an automatic, for goodness sake, and I really don't NEED my left leg for driving do I??!!)    Errr, the doc said NOT!   Also, I had to go pick-up and get trained on these 2 devices that look pretty medieval and seem to require about 500 volts of electricity...but apparently combined they'll keep my knee cool (think ice, without the mess and frostbite) and free of scar tissue (think an automatic lazyboy designed just for a leg and keeps straightening/bending that leg nonstop for 8+ hours a day).  I've learned how to use the DVR and have already recorded a lot of movies to hopefully keep me from going stir crazy cooped up inside.  Any ideas??


Not sure how many triathlons/ excursions /grand canyon trips I'll be able to take over the next few months (??), but I'm optimistic for sure!  I've learned that I really like the routine of it all, even when sometimes there's absolutely no routine at all.  And of course, I LOVE getting that heartrate up on great western trails!!  Even if I can't race any XTERRAs this year, I still hope to at least go volunteer at some (Ive always wanted to try out the "other side" anyway.)  I have been dabbling in some mtb racing though.  Ol lefty doesn't particularly like it and I have to "peg-leg" a lot, especially on the technical downhills, stairsteps, etc..  BUT it's still so worth it to be outside, pushing limits, and avoiding being mountain lion dinner for even one more day! I even got in an inadvertent night-ride this week.

Did some camping this week.  Nothing crazy, but ended up in a pretty cool and very isolated area.  Saw no people for days...only a few coyotes, lots of jackrabbits and geckos, and a handful of cows.  Somehow cheap instant coffee on a desert morning in a remote site ALWAYS trumps the coveted starbucks 1-pump sugarfree vanilla soy latte extra hot :-)


What do Lake Tahoe summers & Northern Virginia blizzards have in common?

. . . they both require scuba socks! 

So, I'm on day 3 of being stuck in this "knickerbacher-part-II" blizzard here...they say over 2 feet of snow!  All flights remain cancelled.  Never a good place to spend time anyway, and certainly not during a crazy blizzard!  Fortunately, a great coffee and taco-loving amigo let me crash at his casa, and I watched more movies, played more ipod-scrabble and ate more junk carbs than I'd like to admit.  BUT I did spend about 4 hours outside anyway, tried some snowshoe'ing, shoveled some snow and even ran a few miles.  (The plowers must've thought I was nuts as I caught 2x taking my pic w/their phones??)     The trick for this desert rat was to wear my scuba/tri socks, which I've learned to always keep in my swim bag.  Voila!!

Am soooo ready to head back to AZ!!!