Things are looking up...

Of course, no running yet, although I did trudge/run up the stairwell in a 26-story building many many many times (opted for the elevator down :-).  And after weeks (seemed like years), I continued to spin spin spin away on my road bike/trainer...even "rode" on the back deck a few times.

Now that I'm back from the long "roadtrip" down south, and up north, and back home, I hope to venture out on the mountain bike to reunite with dirt, endorphins and sweat!  The Doc still says no running and no extra weight to carry around, but that I'm waaay ahead of the recovery 'norms'.  I had gained pretty much full range of motion by week-2.  The scar tissue is still built up pretty thick on one side of my knee cap, and they say that might take 6+ months or more to dissolve.  As far as whether or not I'll be able to run competitively or even for fun anymore, time will tell.  Not even being able to try it now is at least keeping me optimistic :-)

So, to recap the past few weeks, here're some highlights...

Nothing I want to experience again.  I had an outstanding ortho surgeon who I'd promptly recommend to anyone.  He's young and athletic and though he's pretty strict w/me, he "gets" me and is on board to get me back on the trail soon.  Also, I must mention, I was the worst patient ever ever ever.  Grouchy and a big cry baby.  I went off the painkillers on day #1 (sick) and in exchange, sadly, made it more painful for a certain dude trying to take care of me.  Whah whah whah.  (If I act like that again, just kick me! :-)  Dedicated physical therapy, movies and ipod scrabble kept me occupied for a while, and I lasted a few minutes on Call of Duty before I hurled the controller!  (Bring back donkey kong and the simple atari joystick!)

The day I was loading up the truck for my roadtrip back east, lo and behold a white angora rabbit hopped up to the truck and just sat there staring up at me looking all pathetic. Well, as you might imagine, a white rabbit doesn't llast long in the desert, for ravens, coyotes, etc. love to chow down on such pristine sad little bunnies such as this one. So, I made the mistake of seeing him and subsequently felt responsible to find his owner. It was a week before Easter so I didn't want some dumb kid crying because his rabbit ran off. I posted a listing on craigslist and signs around the neighborhood, and then let him stay in the spare bathroom overnight. (Note: he loved leftover Whole Foods organic salad.)  As no one had called and I had to hit the road, I took him the next day to the Humane Society. (A few days later, the "owners" noticed the signs and called me...I directed them to the HS...tbd.)

The US is big.   Really big.  I've driven x-country numerous times, but its size continues to impress me.  Other than stopping regularly to stretch my knee and do some physical therapy, I pushed straight thru to FLA.  The truck (the Buffalo) is well equipped for long excursions -- a memory-foam mattress and satellite radio have changed my world!!  :-)

And caffeine and compression-wear kept me truckin on down the road!!

--FLA -
I have the coolest grandparents!  Papa more freely speaks his mind, and Nanny more freely assigns me chores.  It was great to spend some time with them!  Even got to reunite w/one of my bestest childhood friends ever!!!  ("Hoots and Glutes!" :-)

--DC/VA...and even some NC -
Did some jobscouting and hung out w/my 'nurse'...the one and only CB.  Speaking of chores...he even had me knocking out drywall.  It was fun for the first few whacks of the hour later, not so much.  I also got to hang out w/some friends and even my cool cousin, all whom I rarely get to see! 

Found a great pool/fitness center in Little Rock for a much needed swim and workout.  Even took the bike out for a light spin and saw some monkeys at the zoo.  Then, got to eat waaaay too many green chili's in the Sandia Mountains of NM w/my family.  Hunkered down there for a night and introduced my little cousin to the Nacirema essay.

What's next?  Well, other than weaning myself off 5x shots of espresso-a-day, I'm heading back to work for a few weeks and hopefully continue the rehab so I can knock out a few races this season.  Happy trails...