Heading toward good Dirt...

Oh yeeeahhhhh...this is it.
Almost home.
Flying from Africa via the east coast to the glorious southwest.  Three days of planes, trains, automobiles, the plague, etc..
Finally, rugged peaks and edges below, vast open terrain. Over northern NM now. I know these parts. Georgia Okeefe's is out the plane's northside windows. I'm on the southern side, of course, always insisted upon. The mountains, the dark pines, the lack of homes for as far as the eyes can see, the high elevation lakes, the dry river beds, the fault lines,  the volcanic topography,  me.
I can smell it, can feel it, can hear it.
Crisp, pungent, quiet.
I'm there.

My whole life I think only five things have been able to actually physically alter my mood, my health, my temperature: returning home like this seeing that perfect land below and the imagination it stirs in me; water when I'm dehydrated; fresh air (especially after removing those darn gas masks in the summer in the army haha); bright sunshine; settling in on my bike after a time away.

Perfect timing...we just banked left.
One more right bank then straight line to PHX from here.
Only one more short flight to go...a hop skip and jump up the Mogollon Rim to where I'll hop in the ol Excursionator, take a dirt road down home (never turn down free Dirt!) w/ the windows down, then to the casa to go for a lil' afternoon singletrack mtb ride. No training, just to grin and to breathe that clean air.

Yep, it's almost too much for me...all this stuff I love blasting me in my face. Exactly why I don't really like to drink...intoxicating enough as it is!  
Giddy up!