Never ceases to impress me...

I love coming home to this view...  (click it to zoom and appreciate!)

Of course, I'd hoped to ride, ride, ride, but we got pounded by one of the worst snow storms in recent recorded history...yep, in Arizona.  Here at the casa, we did get some snow, but it was a lot of rain too.  All the roads were closed (at least to the places I wanted to go).  Flagstaff airport was closed as was Phoenix for a while.  It was crazy.  It did afford me (alot) of time to ride the road bike, the gorgeous Edwin ; however, it was all indoors on the trainer.   I did manage to to swim OUTDOORS (heated pool) under falling rain/snow.  It definitely didn't help me and my already-lack-of-love for lap swimming, but at least I was able to do something. 

Now it's sunny again.  The trails are still soaked but they should be dried out and ready for me in the next few days!