What do Lake Tahoe summers & Northern Virginia blizzards have in common?

. . . they both require scuba socks! 

So, I'm on day 3 of being stuck in this "knickerbacher-part-II" blizzard here...they say over 2 feet of snow!  All flights remain cancelled.  Never a good place to spend time anyway, and certainly not during a crazy blizzard!  Fortunately, a great coffee and taco-loving amigo let me crash at his casa, and I watched more movies, played more ipod-scrabble and ate more junk carbs than I'd like to admit.  BUT I did spend about 4 hours outside anyway, tried some snowshoe'ing, shoveled some snow and even ran a few miles.  (The plowers must've thought I was nuts as I caught 2x taking my pic w/their phones??)     The trick for this desert rat was to wear my scuba/tri socks, which I've learned to always keep in my swim bag.  Voila!!

Am soooo ready to head back to AZ!!!

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