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Ok, I promise not to get too serious again anytime soon.  Back to fun stuff...
Here are some fun events to do this year...

    They're all over the country/globe and almost always is gorgeous locations!

XTERRA Trail Run Series
     Various distances.  It's much mo funner to stay off the pavement!

Leadville 100 MTB
     Which mortals will be allowed in this year?

Whiskey 50 MTB Race
      Be there or be square!


Food & The Fury said...

Wow--this is an incredible site!! How do I "follow" you? Also--will send separate message re: format, etc. Seriously though, the format matches the content. Soooooo cool :)

Red Rock Chica @ Red Rock World said...

Hey girl. I'm defintely no expert at webstuff, but try this...Sign-in, Design, Template Designer, then play around w/in the Advanced tab.
That said, yours looks so good (and tasty :-).