On A Leash...

I never considered myself a runner.

Until… I hurt my knee.

Until…yesterday, when the surgeon told me that surgery isn’t really applicable to my type of knee injury at this point (busted up/missing cartilage) and that I should find a new “hobby”.  So, his news caused my heart to stop and my eyes to well-up. (I never said I was tough.)  When he added “I suggest you forget about running and take up competitive cycling or the eliptical”, my soul died a little.  Did he realize he just kicked me in the gut, my soul?!

Running’s not a mere hobby to me. I don’t live for 5Ks, rather, I live for running around and PLAYING outside, chasing jackrabbits, tracking coyotes, chasing my shadow, exploring mountains, exploring deserts, bugging my boyfriend (c’mon let’s go play AGAIN!),… You get the drift.

So, what did the doc say?  No more running for a while – and to not even try for another 5-7 months (already 2 mos down).

What do I do when I’m stressed?    I run.  I play.
What do I do when I’m bored?    I run.  I play.
What do I do on beautiful sunny days?    I run.  I play.

 I’m now stressed.
 I’m now bored.
 I live in beautiful northern Arizona surrounded by red rocks, forested mountains, vistas forever and miles of trails.

I will run again.  Period.
(And in the interim, there shall be lots of time on/in the dirtbike, kayak, roadbike (urgh), pool, 4x4,. etc.)

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Jill said...

Oh what to surgeon's know!!! I think you'll run again. I denied my injury for 3 days while I limped around. I cried my eyes out when I found out I tore the acl. Get strong and then get back at it.