well, despite my allowing the knee to 'rest', it's no better. in fact, via my personal version of 'rest', it looks like I've made it worse and am under some pretty strict dr's orders which appear to be part of a leadup to ol' lefty going under the knife :-(   clearly, no more racing this year, and worse, no real playing either.

errrrrr....this totally sucks!

on the positive side, despite nothing hardcore, have still managed to do some pretty cool things over the past week, which included a great visit by my very cool mom as well as some fun 'light' hikes, bikes, 4x4s, etc.

and as a special incentive to 'rest'...check out my new toy below! still can't get past bruising my shin from the awkward kickstart, but learning from a total pro. maybe it will benefit my mtb skills (and won't kill me, or a helpless javelina, in the process).  cheers.

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