Whiskey 50...again!

Whiskey 50 Off-Road MTB  Race  Event.  

Never disappoints.  

Though this year's Whiskey 50 was definitely a "not-to-miss-for-absolutely-anything" event, it was not officially an "A" race for me this year.  Still taking advantage of base fitness from Trans-Andes a few months ago mixed in w/quite a bit of travel and non-structured training (no bike), but lacking power and punch and grit needed to do well here at the Whiskey.   But who the heck cares anyway?!!   The Whiskey is about more than the race...it was a fun hard fun fun day on the bike w/1000+ other MTBers in the Arizona high-desert mountain sunshine!

The hardest part about the weekend, however, was not the sufferin' on the bike.  Rather it was trying to be able to squeeze in getting to hang out w/so many different (groups of) friends that traveled here from all over the country!  Never enough time...but so glad to see everybody!  (Sorry about your sidewall LB!)

Lots of dirt ridden, elevation climbed and descended, beverages enjoyed (maybe even a sip or two mid-50...damn you DrunkCyclist!), tunes appreciated, bedtime/curfews beyond ignored and friends reunited!   

Kudos to all you freaks who pedaled up and over the mountain and back again.  Double mad respect for those who took the little side-journey to Skull Valley.  
Again in 2014?  Heck yeah!

Fri night pro crit...flared nostrils and raw talent!

Pros negotiating the final techy singletrack of the 50.

Friend and local speedster Scott K cruising in on his final 2 miles of dirt.

mwaaa...loving the climbing

The local boys re-hydrating after "just another day" on their bikes.

Reunited w/Tina and Sarah...who won the 25 on her FORM single-speed!

The Cams chilling in front of the Courthouse lawn....awesome family and badasses on their bikes!

And to watch a bit of the course...video.... 

(...and no, i did not clear that creek-crossing, and definitely, heck no would i even try with those tired clumsy legs.  that is the spot however where i may have been seen snagging a cup of foamy beverage from a strange man.)


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