Training, Playing, Reclusifying, Embracing,...

I've got a big event coming up down on the bottom side of the hemisphere in a few weeks.  Six days of racing.  riding? racing? riding? Haven't decided yet.  Legs and lungs are still debating that query.  I sure I hope I like my bike when it's all said and done, because this body is having to work pretty darn hard to get in mere "decent" shape.

Some of the recent views to embrace while the legs and lungs are getting their smoke on...

Atop Tom's Thumb in the McDowells.
Misc dirty adventures.

Kentucky Camp - with the Carmichael Training Systems group. 

Pulled out the skinny tire bike for a few days of "braving" the high PSI and traffic.  (Intervals saved for the trainer for safety...and warmth.)

During the recent AES McDowell 60, which was a total rain/wet/freeze day for me...the highlight being having a little stand-off w/a bobcat.

Kentucky Camp/AZT. 
Opted for singletrack down to represent bikes in the holiday parade.

If you've got 5-6 hours of riding ahead of ya, it's more fun when a few of those hours are riding (suffering) w/friends. With rockstar Jennifer.

Four Peaks

Happy Holidays!  Hope everyone gets to play/ride/run/ski/shoot/etc...whatever floats your fancy.  


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