Ode to the Bovine...

Growing up on a farm in north Fla, we had lots of horses, cows, dogs, etc..  Even had one (or two?) peacocks at some point (not sure why?).   Other than a Brahman here and there, we mostly had Angus.   Black.  Big.  Looked pretty much the same.  Weren't overly interested in making friends with a scrappy lil' girl.

Decades went by where my life didn't really intersect with that of the Bovine's.  Until recently.  Mainly in the southwest, on my favorite dirtroads, sometimes on the trail, and definitely during a long-arse mountain bike race in Costa Rica.

Definitely no close connection between redrockchica and the cow, but definitely a smidge of intrigue and affection....


Read about LaRuta2011 here.

(Oh man, what have I started?  What about horses, stray dogs, camels and OMG donkeys??!! )

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