Happy Fathers Day, Daddy!

I did a little "shout out" to Daddy a few weeks ago, but since today IS Father's Day, here's another.  Have a great day, Daddy!!!


On a separate note, sadly, those trees in the background of the pic are probably not there as of this week.  Fires, strong winds, rugged/remote terrain (and probably a negligent camper/coyote/illegal) have contributed to some terrible fires raging across Arizona, this being at the Coronado Monument at the southern end of the Huachuca Mountains at the Arizona & Mexico border.  Specifically, this pic was taken nearby one of the caves where the Apache (Chiricahua) Geronimo sometimes hid out, as well as nearby the location where in the 1500s, Francisco Vasquez de Cornonado passed thru in search of the "seven cities of cibola" (read more here).  

This remote area ranks in my top 3 of places to hike, trail run and everything else....and it hurts knowing how much devastation these fires are causing. :-(


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