Trying to Stop and Smell the Cacti...

For the past three days, I've been conducting an experiment: Chilling (what is that?!)    Sleeping in (made it til 0845 this morning!), eating whatever & whenever I'm hungry (grilled cheese at midnight last night), propping up my feet in front of the TV (wow, TV options suck!), MTBing/running/etc for no more than an hour, and generally just trying to chill, rest and recover.    I actually went on two "mere" walks, although I must admit they were actually recons on some MTB local trails that I am told might be a bit too challenging for me.   (Btw, yep, they were right...challenging indeed...but were good hikes in my barefoot 5-fingers anyway.)   

So far, the experiment is going ok, although I'm having a bit of a hard time wrapping my MIND around it all.   want to keep moving at 500 mph.   The past few weeks were at at least 500 mph.   Coming back home to AZ is always full-speed the first few days, as I can't seem to fit enough outdoor fun in the day....MTBing, running, exploring, dirtbiking, etc..   Then, those first few days smeared into the next week, with good friends coming to visit, the  Whiskey 50 MTB race (a great race put on by Epic Rides) which is another story of its own :-), many more hours of MTBing and showing our friends the trails, trying to keep up w/the guys on the dirtbikes, etc..   Poor lil "Donkey" didn't stand a chance.   

From sun-up to sun-down. 
So much to do, so little time. 

I'll write up more later, but wanted send a short sign of life, as well as say THANKS again to our friends who came all the way to AZ to play.   Hope you had as great of a time as I did and can't wait til the 2012 edition!




Next up...  Heading west.  My first attempt at a full XTERRA  since the knee issues, on the same singletrack I first "learned" to ride.

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Food & The Fury said...

I'm so impressed!! Best of luck, lady :)